Meet Lina Jarboe, DDS, MS

Dr Jarboe seeks to dispel the myth of the “horrible root canal” one patient at a time.

Baltimore Washington Endo Lina Jarboe DDSDr Lina Jarboe DDS MS, root canal dentist in Columbia, truly loves her work and is enthusiastic about each and every case. She received Bachelor’s degrees in Medical Technology and French Literature from the University of Maryland.
After working in hospital laboratories for years, Dr Jarboe returned to the same university where she then received her DDS. She currently resides in Ellicott City here in Howard County, MD.
Dr Jarboe practiced General Dentistry for almost 14 years and then returned to school at the University of Minnesota where she received her Certificate in Endodontics and a Masters Degree in Dental Science.
Dr Jarboe is currently a part-time Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry as well as a Columbia root canal dentist.
The love of Dr Jarboe’s life would have to be her eight beautiful grandchildren – Jack, Naomi, Micah, Henry, Mattie and Kilian. Don’t be surprised if “Inna,” as Jack has named her, takes a moment to introduce you to them. She envelopes everyone around her from her family to her patients and staff with genuine warmth and compassion.